Haines Kenpo was founded in 1986 by Sijo Trevor Haines. Mr. Haines has over thirty years of experience in the martial arts:

  • Founder of the Five Animal Kenpo
  • 6th Degree Black Belt in American Kenpo
  • Sifu in Wing Chun Kung-fu
  • Master of Arms Degree certified by the French Fencing Federation

Haines Kenpo uses the Kenpo system as a vehicle to help our students achieve their physical, mental, and emotional goals. Our teaching method is a balance between education and motivation because learning should be challenging but also fun.

Please contact a Five Animal Kenpo instructor in your area for additional information about group and/or private instruction.

CALIFORNIA, Sacramento ( Annie Thomas )

FLORIDA, Daytona Beach ( Zachary Haines )

NEW YORK, New York ( Jenna Haines )

TENNESSEE, Chattanooga ( Trevor Haines )

General Information: trevor@dojochattanooga.com

I study the art of Kenpo, law of the fist.
I prepare mind and body for self-defense,
and open my heart to seek for peace.




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