When people hear the term “male enhancement” people usually think it means increasing the size of the penis. This is mainly because of the numerous companies that offer male enhancement products claiming to increase the length, width and size of the penis. However, the original meaning of male enhancement is to address the problem of sexual dysfunction. Male enhancers are products that help men attain a full erection for a long period of time, thus boost the sexual performance.

Enhancement Products for Erectile Dysfunction

An abundant number of products are prevalent on the market that claims to treat erectile dysfunction. This is a multi-billion dollar industry so every pharmaceutical or health company in the world is now offering their own iteration of the cure for erectile dysfunction. Some of these products are effective but most are not.

Oral Medications

One of the most popular male enhancers in the market today is the “blue pill” or Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate) from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer. This is a drug used to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension and erectile dysfunction. Viagra became available in 1998 and has been the leading treatment for erectile dysfunction since then. However, there are a considerable number of deaths connected to the use of Viagra. It has adverse reactions with other drugs and it is unsafe for some people with heart problems.

Natural Male Enhancers

Because of the potential side effects of oral medications like Viagra, companies focused more on natural ingredients for enhancement products. These products are made from herbs and other natural ingredients. Most of these have little or no side effects.

One of the most popular natural male enhancers today is Red Kwao Krua which is also known as Butea Superba. This is a herb only found in Thailand and Myanmar. Butea Superba is a known aphrodisiac in said countries but only became popular in other countries recently.

L-Arginine which is known as the “natural Viagra” works basically the same way as Viagra. It increases production of nitric acid that signals smooth muscle relaxation and this results to dilatation of blood vessels and increased blood flow. The herb ginkgo is a popular natural male enhancer that also works the same way as L-Arginine. In a recent study of men with erectile dysfunction, a 50 percent success rate was attained after 6 months of ginkgo supplementation.

Zinc is important for the prevention of erectile dysfunction. Scientific studies show that significant depletion of this mineral for a long period leads to erectile dysfunction. Drinking a multivitamin with Zinc daily is enough to prevent this problem.

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